Suzanne Holt’s Gluten & Dairy Free Cheesecake!

Congrats to Suzanne Holt for winning Tofutti’s first ever recipe contest.

Suzanne Holt’s Gluten & Dairy Free Cheesecake!Suzanne’s recipe for a gluten-free and dairy free cheese cake took the…uh…cake!

Suzanne’s recipe includes Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese and Better Than Sour Cream…and that’s why we think Suzanne is awesome!

Her prize? Suzanne receives this wonderful blog post about her recipe and $25 dollars in Tofutti coupons – don’t spend it all in one place, Suzanne!

You can win too! Keep your eye’s peeled for more Tofutti contests…

Congratulations again, Suzanne!

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