Vegan Crab Rangoons – with jackfruit and Tofutti!

Rangoons are nifty little fried dumplings made with cream cheese, scallions, garlic, and sometimes crab meat. Hmm. But what if you’re vegan? Or you can’t have dairy? Uh oh, no rangoons for you…

Nope! Erin from Olives For Dinner to the rescue. She has masterfully created Vegan Crab Rangoons. She swaps out regular cream cheese for Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese and for the crab meat, she used jackfruit! Now that is creativity!

Jackfruit is used in a lot of Asian cooking. It has a sweet and subtle flavoring and can be used to make custards. Perfect for these rangoons! Nice work, Erin.

Via Olives For Dinner.

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